The following testimonials were provided by patients and/or leadership from our member clinics (names have been changed):

Betty is Underinsured

Betty works full-time and is insured. She can afford the premium, but the required $2,000 deductible has proven unaffordable for her. She has a genetic condition that requires frequent monitoring of medications and labs, but because she can't pay the deductible, she visits the free clinic regularly and has been able to maintain her health status through their support. Left unchecked, Betty's condition could easily turn emergent and/or fatal.

Emily struggles for Access

Emily lives alone and works at a local retail store, making an hourly wage. As this job is her sole source of income, Emily tries to work as many hours as she can get. When she began to feel sick with fever, cough and sore throat, she attempted to schedule a clinic visit, but was told the earliest available appointment time was five days away. Knowing her paycheck was directly linked with her ability to work, she couldn't afford to wait five days. Instead, she visited the free clinic, was seen by a volunteer provider and given necessary medications. Emily was back to work the next day, feeling much better.

Sid is Uninsured

Sid lost his job and his insurance. Without insurance, he neglected his medical needs in an effort to avoid the expense. Sid began to suffer severe headaches and blurred vision. He knew he needed help and turned to the free clinic. The volunteer providers ordered some basic labs and Sid was quickly diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes. At the free clinic, he was provided with the medications and education he needed to monitor and maintain his health.

Tom is in Transition

Tom is in between jobs and takes medication regularly to manage his high cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Although he has submitted applications for insurance coverage, he is waiting for the processing to take place and coverage to be activated. Until then, Tom's thankful the free clinic is able to provide him care and medication assistance.