Letter from the President

Dear Friends,

Serving Iowa for more than two decades, Free Clinics of Iowa continues to provide compassionate and appropriate basic healthcare services via community-based, volunteer-run clinics. The healthcare environment in Iowa and across the nation continues to rapidly change, significantly impacting the work of free clinics and other safety net providers.  For those who can access affordable health homes, we encourage them to do so.  For those who may otherwise go without, free clinic services are a viable option.  

We continue to serve in the provision of healthcare services to Iowa’s most vulnerable populations who fall through the gaps of an evolving healthcare system, who continue to face significant access barriers and who struggle with various other determinants of health.  

For those who continue to face challenges in obtaining affordable and accessible basic healthcare, people come to free clinics seeking relief and help and leave with a sense of appreciation for the 1400+ compassionate providers, nurses and administrative volunteers who dedicate their time and talent to serve those who otherwise would go without.

Of course, free clinics are not free to operate. With the help of public, private and individual support, we provide care in communities throughout Iowa.  

Your gifts are a vital part of our mission. The clinics you assist and patients you support are grateful for your help. Please consider aiding our efforts through the donation of your time, talents and/or resources (donate tab in the website header).   


Steve R. Eckstat

Dr. Steve Eckstat
FCI Board President & Medical Director